Kinder Scout Peak District

I love the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus it can capture those great memories and perfect quality for Instagram. I planned to be in Scotland the last weekend of October but those plans fell through so we headed up to Kinder Scout in the Peak District for a wander around.

I did plan on taking the DSLR, the weather was dry and cool but decided to pack light and just take my iPhone 7 for pictures. Below are a selection of what I snapped, it was great to just walk and snap without all the extra gear for once.

Made full use of the iPhone 7 tracked my route the same way I track my MTB routes using trails app.

Total distance: 7.91 mi
Max elevation: 2024 ft
Min elevation: 699 ft
Total climbing: 2198 ft
Total descent: -2205 ft
Average speed: 2.15 mi/h
Total time: 04:17:30