New Camera Bag
EVOC Stage Capture 16L

I’ve had numerous different camera carrying methods over the years, but as the work moves from a fixed location to a more landscape and adventure, my previous bags and earrying options aren’t up to it.

So after using an Evoc FR Trail 20l for years on my many mountain bike trips, it was a no brainer for me to explore Evocs new camera focused backpacks.

The critera was pretty simple

  • Carry one DSLR and couple of lens’
  • Decent size, room for camera and gubbins
  • Chest Strap
  • Hip Straps
  • Waterproof or rain cover built-in
  • Not overly expensive

The Stage Capture 16L seemed to tick all the boxes, and I looked at the Photop 16l/22l but I just don’t like roll top bags.

Evoc Stage Capture 16l

First impressions of the EVOC Stage Capture are good, well made, loads of room and cool features, I really like it.