2020 the year of the…..

Well, 2020 hasn’t proven to be as epic I planned it to be, it’s just clicked the summer equinox, and the “dark nights” are coming, is that a good or bad thing?

It’s a shame we’ve spent so much time at home, however hard you try it’s impossible to shoot landscapes from a suburb setting and I’m not into macro photography so the cameras stayed pretty much in the bag, its been out a few times for a clean and reclean but that’s about it.

ooo I do have a new bag to review at some point too.

The good, Sunsets we’re now at the point of epic sunset season, and equally sunrises if that’s as the earth slowly tilts back on its axis and the unsettled weather rolls in.

I’m not writing the rest of summer 2020 off yet and fingers crossed we can get out and snap some pictures.